Delta 8: The New Form of THC

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Does Delta 8 Get You High?

Delta 8 THC has been taking the cannabis world by storm, with plenty of people looking to Delta 8 as a viable replacement for the heavily restricted weed and the intense Delta 9 THC. People with anxiety, chronic pain, or just struggling to relax have looked to Delta 8 as their go-to, namely because of its subdued impact while also achieving a pleasing and euphoric feeling.

However, for people feeling apprehensive about its impacts, there is one question that they want to be answered: does Delta 8 THC get you high? While a valid question, it is a little hard to answer and requires a bit of background first.


What is Delta-8 THC?

To put it in simple terms, Delta 8 THC is a substance derived from the cannabis plant, similar to marijuana and hemp. It is just one of the hundreds of cannabinoids made naturally in cannabis plants, though in small enough amounts that it has to be extracted from it. The closest thing to compare it to would likely be Delta 9 THC, a controlled substance that people may be more familiar with. 

The cannabis plant that Delta 8 is derived from also has two main components that people are familiar with—CBD and THC. Although CBD is known to have health benefits and not cause intoxication, so there is no “high” to it, while THC works in the opposite way. THC is known to cause that “high” feeling that is associated with cannabis, and also creates the euphoric feeling that people seek marijuana out for.

Delta 9 is the cannabinoid substance most people are familiar with, and this is also due to the fact that it is much more abundant in the cannabis plant in general. Because of this, Delta 9 is known to be more potent and intense, inducing a strong high. On the other hand, Delta 8 is much less potent in comparison and can achieve that general sense of euphoria without the intensity associated with Delta 9 or other cannabis strains.

Although similar, Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC have one key difference that causes their different effects. Their chemical difference is the result of different positioning between the double bond of two carbon atoms, but this slight change causes a milder effect for Delta 8 consumption.

However, not much focus has shifted to Delta 8 THC, since it is a relatively new substance on the market, it is not on anyone’s priority list. They have yet to apply any laws or regulations on them in most areas, specifically because it is so new and unknown, but that also means it is a bit easier to acquire than Delta 9. In a way, Delta 8 is the perfect loophole for people looking for a relaxing time without the stress of regulations blocking their way.


What are the Benefits of Taking it?

Since it is similar to Delta 9 in general composition, Delta-8 does result in similar benefits as Delta-9 and CBD products (another hemp-derived substance, though it does not get you high). Although there are various side effects to Delta-8 distillate, most are positive. Here are some benefits to using delta-8 THC products:

  1.  Digestive Help

Delta-8 is known to help nausea and vomiting, while also serving as an appetite booster. Depending on if you have stomach pain or are just generally struggling to muster an appetite, taking delta-8 can help with that. Even low doses can help, which means that you do not have to induce a strong high that can incapacitate you to get benefits from consumption.

  1.  Better Sleep

If you struggle with sleep, Delta 8 can also help with that. Since it induces a more mellow high compared to Delta-9, some subdued effects include stress relief, a sense of euphoria, and sedation. The combination of these effects, as well as the fact that it is a mild version of them, results in inducing better overall sleep and can help anyone who may struggle to fall asleep at night.

  1.  Lessened Anxiety

The sedative effects of delta-8, along with the general sense of euphoria it achieves, helps alleviate symptoms of anxiety. On top of that, since it is a subdued high, that means it will not impair your ability to go about daily tasks. Meaning, if you just need a little pick me up in the middle of your day, taking a little bit of delta-8 could help calm your nerves and you can still go about the rest of your day without worry.

  1.  Neuroprotective Properties

Plenty of researchers have also recently found evidence that delta-8 may stimulate the brain’s acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for memory retention. Alongside this, it can just generally lead to better brain health by causing a few other beneficial chemical reactions.

  1.  Alleviation of Pain

Similar to other cannabis products, delta-8 also offers temporary alleviation of chronic pain problems. Anyone suffering from consistent complaints of pain or body aches can benefit from taking delta-8, and its subdued effects mean it will not impair your ability to continue working or doing stuff you love.

There are other benefits to Delta-8 THC, some of which are similar to delta-9 and CBD, but there are also some that may prove unique to delta-8. Overall, if you are on the fence about trying it, there are definite pros to trying it out. A small dose will be unlikely to cause any adverse effects, and the benefits are numerous.


Okay, So Does Delta 8 Get High or Not?

In simple terms, yes, technically Delta 8 does render you high, but not to the point of becoming incapable of handling daily tasks. Unlike its popular counterpart, Delta 8 distillate produces pretty mild effects in terms of what happens once consumed. Although side effects are comparable to conventional THC, it is reduced compared to Delta 9 effects.

While you do get high, it takes a lot more consumption to achieve a high similar to Delta 9, making it suitable for more casual consumption and alleviation of anxiety. It won’t get you high enough that you forget if you made that sandwich or not, but it will calm down nerves and alleviate some symptoms of pain or anxiety.

So, for people looking for a casual experience without an intense high, Delta 8 effects can get you there. Yes, it does get you high, but not in the way most people immediately think of it. If you’re looking to try some, you can go ahead to firedelta8 to find something that you think may suit you. All products are derived from legal hemp plants, in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill. These products are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease or preexisting medical conditions.

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